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From coast to coast, Sweet Deal is glittering in bold gold  Karlssons Gold Vodka. Karlssons Gold is hand-made from a blend of seven varieties of virgin potatoes from the exclusive Cape Bj¦re, in the South of Sweden. It is meticulously distilled, in an unfiltered process that conserves the inherent characteristics of the unique ingredients, producing a revolutionary concept  a natural vodka with natural taste. Developed by B￶rje Karlsson, the Master Blender, it took over three years to create a vodka he would sign his name to. The result is a truly unique small batch handcrafted vodka, with outstanding character. And Karlsson is so confident in his product he says: If you dont like it, dont drink it. On the West Coast, Sweet Deal is setting the Karlssons Gold standard at special events and bar promotions, while the East Coast has been graced by our golden touch during in-store demos and samplings. Our staffs sleek black attire sparkles with accessories of a certain precious metal... The sampling events have been such a success that consumers are returning week after week  to purchase more and share with our employees the unique mixes theyve come up with! The unanimous adoration of this potato based tongue tickler has enabled the models on this campaign to have fun at work! In response to a Karlssons cocktail one of our delectable models whipped up, she received the comment, "This is the best bloody mary I've ever had. The vodka is just right and the drink is spicy, just like you ladies!" Spicy Deal doesn't have quite the same ring as Sweet Deal, but we like it!