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Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow go the rhythmic steps of a tango dance; a dance of passion and vitality! These steps could also mimic the pace of a restaurants business: sometimes bustling with customers and sometimes having a mere two tables filled. Tango Taba new website and smart-phone appstrives to put the quick back in the restaurant worlds rhythm with an innovative daily deal offer that restaurants control. If it seems to be a slow day or week for a restaurant, bar or lounge, they can merely go online to Tango Tab and publish a real-time deal that lasts for a duration defined by the restaurant. Unlike other daily deal sites, Tango Tab truly puts the power back in the restaurants hands, offering great incentives for customers that have shown proven sales results! Tango Tab is an innovative and creative concept in itself, so when it came to launching their services across the country, we expected nothing less than an out-of-the-box promotional method. Sweet Deal worked with Tango Tab to produce 3 mini-launches in NYC, Chicago, and LA. Our professional tango dancers stepped out to the streets of each city where they showed off their giros and bileosto crowds of onlookers. Our promotional staff assisted with the launches by generating buzz around the dancers: handing out flyers, helping onlookers create custom Tango Tab t-shirts (filling in the blank in "It Takes ______ to Tango) and educating people on how the deals work. We also integrated a social media element by having our models send photos to the marketing division at Tango Tab, who posted the pictures of the event to Facebook in real-time. Onlookers could go to the Tango Tab Facebook and tag themselves or "Like" the promotion, and then continue to receive updates about Tango Tab in the future. In addition to the launches, our spokes models have also worked with the Tango Tab team at the NRA Show in Chicago, acting as lead generators at the tradeshow. They spoke to hundreds of people within the restaurant industry, drumming up major interest. Our models drove so much business to the Tango Tab booth that the TT Team told us it was their busiest time during the whole conventionand that they had to forego their lunch break to keep up! We're excited to be a part of the launch of Tango Tab, and cant wait to have the whole country tangoing with us soon!