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After one very hairy month of Movember, the moustached mateys of Sweet Deal crawled out from behind barnacles of stubble and surfaced as suave gentlemen once again! Back on the land of the shaven, they discovered one razor emerged above the rest: the Norelco Razor SensoTouch3D. So they decided to take their message to the streets by becoming modern day barbers spreading the good news! We helped them with their task by partnering with Ketchum PR, who led our mutineers on a series of shaving events across the country. Media guests and consumers were invited to grandly groom [their] grill, at invite-only happy hour events in each city. With a cocktail in hand, guests were treated to complimentary demonstrations by our male promotional models, while they themselves tried the new technology. Exclamations were heard: This doesnt feel like a razor! No nicks at all! So smooth its incredible! Our models just smiled knowingly at their fellow men, happy to engage new landlubbers in the smoothness of SensoTouch. To add to the atmosphere, Norelco teamed up with our event partner Thrillist to produce a memorable event that included interactive do-it-yourself shaving mirrors, layers of branding and giveaways, and candid wisdom from local barbers on the best techniques. Jason Rivera, Account Executive at Ketchum PR, talked about his experience with our razor-sharp ambassadors: All the models have been pleasures to work with! They were very accommodating and did an AMAZING job. We never knew shaving was such an art form, but were happy to see our male spokes models gleaming cheeks once again!